Stampeders 22 – Alouettes 8 : 13th Win in a Row

Kyries Hebert Continues High Hit Parade

A quick post-game summary from yesterday’s game. MontrĂ©al’s defense wins solid all night although you can only keep the Stamps at bay for so long before the damn cracks. What they didn’t receive was offensive help. The first points scored by MontrĂ©al we’re in fact off of a Bo Mitchell intentional grounding penalty which resulted in the safety. After that in the dying minutes the team managed to score a penalty aided touchdown. Kudos to Calgary’s D who were even stronger than the Alouettes.

Other notes:

Kyries Hebert, known around the league to end careers (a la Jon Cornish) with constant high hits, continued his infamous tackles. In a league where hits the the head are in theory being cracked down upon, this game was full of them.

Can’t believe marquay McDaniel got up from his head on head cracker late in the 4th. No penalty called.

Messam with only 9 carries on the nigh. Bo Mitchell with 256 yards passing in a full night’s work. We can expect him to play limited minutes as the team waits for the Western Divisional opponent come November (one month away).

Rene Peredes wasn’t an unusual one for three. Jamal Nixon what is in for the injured Roy Finch and had a couple of drops.

The D registered 10 (TEN) QB sacks.

Calgary 48 – Toronto 20

How can I put this? Toronto is not a good team. Calgary is. The Stampeders manhandled the Argos in every way. IN the process they clinched a playoff spot. The team is dominant and are the run-away Grey Cup favorites. That’s about it for this post-game.

Notes: Marquay McDaniel disqualified in the second. Not sure why…. A paltry 14 thousand in attendance. The game was going to be postponed but ended up starting at the original time on account of the Jays. That’s why some missed the first TD (or the whole thing)…. MEssam with 133 yards rushing, wow. Daniels continues to shine with 126 yards receiving. The D with 6 QB sacks.

Next up, Montreal at home.

Battle of the Unbeaten: Calgary 36 – Winnipeg 34

It took 60 minutes for the Calgary Stampeders to steal two points agains the Winnipeg Blue Bombers, in what many are now calling a Grey Cup preview. Mind you, if it wasn’t for an untimely fumble recovery for a TD late in the 4th quarter, this game was over in the first. Leading 30-14 going into the 4th quarter, Calgary looked to have the game in the bag, and as they turned down the gas, Winnipeg lit them up for 20 points in teh 4th, taking the lead for the first time with 16 seconds left to play. If it wasn’t for two clutch plays to find 34 yards, and a 52 yard Rene Peredes field goal with no time remaining, this could have been a heartbreaking loss instead of the 10th straight victory.

Here the post game summary:

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Streak Continues: Calgary Stampeders 48 – RedBlacks 23

There was no doubt this time, no extra series, no overtime, nothing to make you doubt from the very get-go the Calgary Stampeders were going to control this game. The last time the Stamps didn’t come away with a win was against the same RedBlacks team ten games ago. Since then, it’s been nine straight wins as the team asserts themselves as the clear Grey Cup favorite just past the mid-way point of the 2016 season. Being a Stamps fan now is fun, but everyone knows you can win all season long, but the last 3 games are the only ones that count.

Here’s the post-game.

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Clutch Victory – Calgary 34 : Edmonton 28

Battle of Alberta Part 2

The Calgary Stampeders extended their unbeaten streak to 10 games with a come from behind overtime victory. In the second instalment of the home-at-home series between the provincial rivals, the Stamps sit as a class of the league. You wouldn’t have noticed that in the first half, however. Edmonton made a statement by putting up 17 points and limiting the Calgary offence for the entire half.

Here’s the rest of the postgame summary:

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Labour Day Classic Part 1 – Calgary 45 : Edmonton 24

The Calgary Stampeders are quickly becoming the class the CFL playing a level of football that leaves the rest of the league wanting. At the mid-way point of the 2016 season, the Stamps sit at the top of the league’s standing’sI and continued their pace with their seventh straight win against their provincial rivals.

What separates this team from the rest is simply complete football games. On all three sides of football there is a steady and quality gameplan coupled with talented football players.

Here’s the post game summary:
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Decisive: Calgary 37 – BC 9

If there was any doubt after the opening season game between these two teams with respect to is top of the class, tonight is game left no doubt: the Calgary Stampeders have hit their stride. In what could be considered the most complete game they played all season, the Stamps dominated from the opening kickoff and never looked back. With the win they take the season series against the 2nd place Western division rival. They also solidify their position as this year’s Grey Cup favorite, I’ll be at there is a lot of football left to be played.

Here’s the post game summary:

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