Lucky Number 7 – Stamps Still Unbeaten

After their dominant performance against the entire Eastern division, the Stampeders started to test their game against the West with games late in July against Saskatchewan and later vs BC. Their perfect record held against BC on the weekend as the Stamps proved once again they’re the top of the CFL class.

A few teams have been hanging on until the second half, but a complete 60 minute game without killers mistakes (kind of like the Calgary Flames), sets this team apart from the rest. On all sides of the ball the team is finding success, and there’s still obvious room to build.

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Stamps Crush Redblacks 27 -3 – Lose Mitchell

The Stamps are an impressive 17-0 after coming off bye-weeks and they continued their perfect ways on the road against the Redblacks. It seems to be the ongoing theme of the young season in the CFL–Stampeder domination.

Of course, in this league it doesn’t matter if you post an 18-0 run, it matters if you can win the last two. Stamps haven’t been able to do that in the past two seasons. But it’s still fun in between.

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Stampeders Bounce Redblacks: 24-14

Week 3 in the CFL and the Stamps are a perfect 3-0 continuing their dominance of the Eastern Division. This game was close until the 4th quarter as both defences dominated throughout 3 quarters. Teams should know by now, although Calgary usually comes out slow out of the game, they are a well coached team that will play hard for 60 minutes. They routinely pull out in front in 4th quarters as other teams start to make mistakes.

The Stamps, coming off their victory last week against Toronto, struggled to generate offence throughout the first half. Bo Mitchell, throwing over 90% last week, was off target early and often. This game only broke open when the D decided to step up and make some plays.

Keys to Victory

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Argos Crushed in Grey Cup ReMatch

Calgary 41 – Argos 7

How dominant was it? Real dominant. Coming off a lacklustre performance last week, the Calgary offence looked to redeem themselves against the Argos. The whole team had something to prove after their last minute collapse in the 2017 Grey Cup Final. Despite some key player turnover, this year’s Stampeders look dangerous. Chief among them–the receiving corps.

Calgary came out of the gate strong and took a commanding 10-0 lead in the first quarter. They were threatening again in the redzone when nightmares from the Grey Cup Final returned. Bo Mitchell fumbled the ball that Toronto scooped up and returned for what looked like a sure 6 points.

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Stampeders Open 2018 Season with Win vs. Ti-Cats

It wasn’t pretty, but it worked. Two points is two points and you need all you can in a 9-team league. The Calgary Stampeders opened their fresh 2018 season at home versus the Hamilton Ti-Cats. There are a lot of question marks coming into this season with some of the highest veteran turnover in recent memory. Key pieces from defensive line, running back, and the secondary, have been replaced with younger, cheaper, and just as talented versions.

Calgary is the team to beat once again this season, despite what pundits may try to tell you. The CFL is dominated by the West, and the Stamps will lead the charge. Of course, in the CFL all of that doesn’t matter since any crap team can play 3 good games and win the Grey Cup. See Toronto from last year. That’s the nature of a league that’s so small.

For the Stampeders, it’s the same story. Exciting dominant football, and the team being their own worst enemy. The first game rust was evident. Look no further than the opener storyline–red-zone production.

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Major D Changes for Stamps – Charleston Hughes Traded

For two seasons in a row, the Calgary Stampeders have lost in the Grey Cup Final. Neither was a problem on the D, in fact, the unit has been among the league’s best.

Yet the Stampeders will have two massive components gone from their lineup for the 2018 season. S Josh Bell will move to a coaching role, and today, Charleston Hughes was traded to Hamilton for a bag of balls.

You can’t fault for Hufnagel for making his decisions. He gets the benefit of the doubt as he’s built Championship (almost) teams consistently. He’s always made hard choices that wound up being the right ones. Plus, the CFL is a business, and Hughes makes top dollar (in a kind of defensive line in the CFL way). He had one year left and probably hoped to finish his career out here, but Huf isn’t interested in making friends. He wants to win within the cap.

Doesn’t make the move any easier for fans who simply see top talent go to a competitor. Hughes will be missed as a great ambassador in the community, but also one of the best linemen in Stamps history.

Cataclysmic Failure Two Years in Row – Calgary Loses Grey Cup Yet Again

Calgary 24 – Toronto 27

Tomorrow all the talk will be about Dave Dickenson. Whether or not he will be back as a coach or whether a full house cleaning is in order. Tonight, however, the Stampeders demonstrated their inability to close the deal.

There are no real sports equivalent (that I can think of) that describes that magnitude of failure the Calgary Stampeders experienced. And this not at the hands of their opponents, rather, self-inflicted wounds. For TWO straight Championship games, the Stampeders found a way to lose in the final minute.

Despite a strong regular season that saw the team finish at the top of the league, in a tiny nine team league, nobody cares. Everyone practically gets a shot, and you have to win the big game or the season is a bust. For the Stamps, they have the makings of a dynasty, except the most critical thing–Championships.

Instead of a dynasty we’re looking at a team that comes in second place, can’t close the deal, can’t win the big game, can’t find a play call that’s right, can’t make big plays when it matters. That’s not a dynasty team, that’s a nothing team that nobody will remember.

What fans will remember, however, is the magnitude of the loss, and how it was exactly the same as last year. One bad play call, one that left everyone on the field shaking their heads, and the result, not merely a loss of a Championship, but literally HANDING the Grey Cup to the opposing team. The Stamps shot themselves in the foot, self-inflicted wounds that the Argos were happy to capitalize on. Despite controlling every single part of the game, the whole thing was won on 3 plays.

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