BOA Part 2 – Calgary 25 – Edmonton 22

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OK, this one didn’t start off exciting, but in true CFL fashion it ended with a nail biting finish. It all came down to 3 and 5 on the Edmonton 5. Mitchell, who was struggling all game, found the only sure thing in the receiving corps, Marquay McDaniel, and the rest is history.

Summing up the second instalment of the home-at-home Battle of Alberta as follows:

  • Defence ruled for the first half. Calgary gave up long plays, but managed to keep Edmonton out of the endzone when it counted. That was the difference in the battle of the D.
  • Calgary’s offence has now lost 3 starting receivers. Essentially, the Stamps beat a good team with their second tier receivers. That’s how good the Stamps are. Bo Mitchell was off, probably still hurt, and played his worst game of the season. But he did enough to find McDaniel in the endzone with 30 seconds left to seal the victory. 2 points, that’s all that matters.
  • Chris Milo may have had a chance to tie, but he wasn’t the only kicker having troubles. Rene Peredes missed two converts.
  • Jason Maas is a joke. Losing his cool on the sidelines. That’s not what elite teams do and one of the reasons the Stamps are in a class of their own.

Edmonton slips to 3rd in the West now. Sakatchewan up next. Calgary will have to figure out how they’re going to patch up the beleaguered offence in a week’s time.

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  1. daryl says:

    DaVaris Daniels, Junior Turner, Joe Burnett, Ciante Evans, Jamar Wall, all lost last night. On top of Durant and Jorden. Hughes was back