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Calgary 27 – BC 13

An elite team like Calgary, missing almost the entire starting receiving corps, are unstoppable, even if you wanna play dirty like the BC Lions. The Lion game plan had little bite, but that didn’t stop them from trying every dirty trick in the book. Micah Awe, incredulously, took out 3 Calgary RBs with direct hits to the head. None called. Awe’s play is celebrated by the Lions clubhouse, which isn’t something you’d expect from a coach Wally Buono football club, but shows you where the team is heading.

You can point some blame to the hellacious hitting on the refs. It’s extremely rare for helmet to helmet hits to be called in the league anymore. I have a conspiracy theory that’s a league mandate, so they don’t admit too much liability for the looming concussion lawsuits. (As an aside, the CFL as a league won’t be able to afford the kind of payments the NFL is paying, the league should be worried.) Nonetheless, even in the CFL where suspensions and player fines are rare, Micah Awe should receive a fine. Someone take him back to highschool to learn fundamentals of hitting because he’s going to end careers headhunting the way he does.

Here’s the post-game summary.

– The offence is missing gears. It’s chugging along in third gear on the deerfoot. We’re going to make it eventually, but it’s not performing as it should. Tonight, too many redzone opportunities, too many field goals.
– Defence won this game, again. Every game, the Calgary D is proving they can’t be beat. Championships are won on D and this is th ebest D corps in a while. They didn’t allow a major yet again.
– Special teams. Roy Finch can’t be beat. He’s incredible to watch. He’s worth the price of admission alone. How he finds the smallest crease I have no idea. BC didn’t either. Which is why they tried to injure him in the 4th with a late hit.
– Props to Alex Singleton setting a CFL record for 3 consecutive games with double digits tackles.
– Finch, Woodson, Messam, all left the game after hits to the head. Messam was seen later in street clothes. Finch came back as well.
– BC will be in tough to make the playoffs. The team is on the downward spiral only matched by Edmonton. Mike Riley took another helmet to helmet tonight. How he’s still palying football, yet again a show how the CFL treats head injuries.

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  1. daryl says:

    I’ll give him the benefit of the doubt on the Finch hit, even though it was helmet to helmet first. But the other two were a joke. The league has to look into headshots. Look at Mike Riley. Not a good look.