No Major Deal – Stampeders 15 : Roughriders 9

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What separates the Stampeders from the rest of the league? Probably execution. Stamps don’t make untimely mistakes that swing the game against them. They may not be dominating on all sides of the football, but they aren’t hurting themselves either. Then, when it counts, they’ll do enough to win.

Tonight’s post-game summary:

  • This was a snore fest. Neither team scored a TD. We know Calgary’s D is the league’s best, and they don’t often give up majors period. SSK had 2 points going into the 4th quarter.
  • But on the offensive side of the ball, the Stamps couldn’t capitalize. They are hurting for some standout receivers, and it’s obvious they’re struggling because of injuries. Bo Mitchell was error free as the O took advantage of a good gameplan and ran the ball to the tune of nearly 150 yards.
  • Massive hit by Adeleke on Roosevelt. I agree with the TSN panel, that’s a football hit with an unfortunate end. The league may have a say, however, given the recent spat of headshots.
  • On special teams, Saskatchewan kept Roy Finch in check. It was Rene Peredes putting up all of the Calgary points.
  • Quiet night for middle linebacker Alex Singelton. The Defensive Line stood-out and put on a show, which was all of the excitement in this game….

Next up Montreal in town next week. They are the only team that’s beaten the Stamps this year. I’ve said it before, the Alouettes are among the league’s worst, so let’s hope the Stampeders deliver another win.

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