Another Smashing: Calgary 59 – Montreal 11

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I said in week 3 that the Montreal Alouettes weren’t good. They were getting lucky on plays and managed to win a few games, but they’re on the opposite trajectory as the Stampeders. For their part, the Stamps are seemingly unstoppable, and when the offence gets moving to match the D, you get blowouts like this one. For the second time this year the game was so out of reach, that nearly two quarters were played by backup QB Andrew Buckley.

The game ball, however, despite the team effort, is squarely in the hands of Terry Williams.

The rookie sits behind the league’s leading rusher, Jerome Messam, and rarely dresses. The team knows his talent, and Friday the fans got a taste too, in a big way. In his first pro start, Williams chewed up 156 yards in a night’s work, AND scored 3 TDs!

Congrats to him; fans should be happy to know whenever the Messam era ends in Cowtown, there’s some serious talent waiting in the wings.

Stamps enter the bye week, and will get some healthy bodies back. They’ll face Hamilton, and at this point, are the class of the league by a wide margin. But will that translate into playoff success?

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