Two Losses in a Row Coming into Final Week

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Week 19 in the CFL which means one thing, Grey Cup is just around the corner. As the weather turns across Canada, the playoff picture has all but solidified. The teams have been decided, some long ago, but the placement, who gets home-field advantage, that’s up for grabs. In the West, Edmonton has found their groove along with Saskatchewan. Winnipeg is suffering injuries late, and Toronto is, well, a team out East.

The question Stamps fans are wondering–has the team regressed? After two back-to-back losses against divisional rivals, and another one next week, is this team going to disappoint in the post-season for a third straight year?

As other teams in the West start to play their best football, the Stampeders are playing their worst. It’s cause for concern but the solution may not be far off. The main problem is the offence. All year injuries have plagued the offence ranging from losing key receivers, missing receivers for over half the season, offensive line going down, and the QB playing hurt. THat has made for a sporadic offence. The good news is healthy bodies are back and will be back in time for the playoff push in three weeks.

Defensively, the dominance continues, but quarterbacks are now finding ways to pick apart the secondary. This team will ride the strength of the D, so as far as they’ll take us….. we need the O to do their part.

Special teams haven’t been the same since Roy Finch went down. he’s missed a month. Due back for playoff time, his return couldn’t come at a better time.

Once again, this year is another moment where the Stamps dominated all season, but in a 9 team league where only 6 make the playoffs, and you get a bye in to the West Finals, you have no margin for error. Whether this team can produce when it counts remains to be seen.

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