Cataclysmic Failure Two Years in Row – Calgary Loses Grey Cup Yet Again

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Calgary 24 – Toronto 27

Tomorrow all the talk will be about Dave Dickenson. Whether or not he will be back as a coach or whether a full house cleaning is in order. Tonight, however, the Stampeders demonstrated their inability to close the deal.

There are no real sports equivalent (that I can think of) that describes that magnitude of failure the Calgary Stampeders experienced. And this not at the hands of their opponents, rather, self-inflicted wounds. For TWO straight Championship games, the Stampeders found a way to lose in the final minute.

Despite a strong regular season that saw the team finish at the top of the league, in a tiny nine team league, nobody cares. Everyone practically gets a shot, and you have to win the big game or the season is a bust. For the Stamps, they have the makings of a dynasty, except the most critical thing–Championships.

Instead of a dynasty we’re looking at a team that comes in second place, can’t close the deal, can’t win the big game, can’t find a play call that’s right, can’t make big plays when it matters. That’s not a dynasty team, that’s a nothing team that nobody will remember.

What fans will remember, however, is the magnitude of the loss, and how it was exactly the same as last year. One bad play call, one that left everyone on the field shaking their heads, and the result, not merely a loss of a Championship, but literally HANDING the Grey Cup to the opposing team. The Stamps shot themselves in the foot, self-inflicted wounds that the Argos were happy to capitalize on. Despite controlling every single part of the game, the whole thing was won on 3 plays.

Tommie Campbell, an all-star at corner, had his worst game of the year. He was burned long for a 100-yard catch and score in the first.

With Calgary set to pull ahead by two scores, on the Argo’s 6, Kamar Jorden fumbled the ball, that was promptly returned for 6 points and instead of two scores, a tie game.

Dave Dickenson’s terrible play call to throw instead of run, and Bo Mitchell, who can’t claim any ‘elite’ title because elite QBs win Championships, threw his only INT. The team was well within field goal range to tie late, but not, Dickenson HANDED the Argos the win.

That’s it folks. A complete season wasted and a team that will have to look hard at what changes, and there needs to be many, will take place next year.

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