Calgary Flames Acquire Stamps, Hufnagel Resigned for 5 More Years

The Calgary Flames Ownership Group have put their claim on pretty much every professional sports club in the city which now includes a majority stake in the Calgary Stampeders. IN celebration of that announcement the club also re-signed coach and GM John Hufnagel for another 5 more seasons. Whether those plans include staying in the duel role for the entire period remains to be seen. I know many fans are curious to know if he can handle both duties effectively.

Hufnagel seems to be a very competent GM but ??? arise in some of his coaching decisions. Time will tell how he does this year with a relatively rookie coaching staff.

Rambo & Chevrier Sign

Last week it was announced Calgary will continue to hold the best deep threats in the CFL with Ken-Yon Rambo and Romby Bryant at wide receiver. That’s interesting news since I didin’t think Calgary had enough to go after both….

Some more great news today, long-snapper Randy Chevrier has returned to the Stamps. Not sure how long the deal was in the works or whether Chevrier was checking out some other offers, but he’s back in his adopted home-town much to the delight of fans. Chevrier has never (as far as I can recall) botched a snap.

Romby Bryant Locked For 2 – Rob Lazeo Retires

Some news today out of the Stampeders locker room.

First, a week after Ryan Thelwell hung up the cleats, Rob Lazeo announced that after 14 season on the offensive line he’s calling it quits. Nobody will question his commitment to the game and his team. He played through injuries throughout his career, and in his last year with the Stamps, played 2nd string center like a pro, not complaining once about his position.

He was rewarded with game-time late into the season and in the playoffs. He will be missed, but the Stamps are covered with Tim O’Neil.

Bigger news perhaps was the signing of Romby Bryant who was going to hit the open market, but decided to stay wit hthe Stamps.

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Brandon Browner to Sign with Seattle

It seems as though Calgary’s dilemma between their two free-agent corners has been somewhat resolved. Brandon Browner has (will) sign with the Seattle Seahawks of the NFL. That means Dwight Anderson in all likelihood will be back in the fold for the Red & White next year.

Congrats to all-star DB Browner though, I don’t think anybody will really fault him for taking in a hefty hefty pay raise to play in the NFL. Heck, even if he doesn’t play he makes 5x more money I bet. But chances are Browner, given his size and speed, will see action next season with Seattle.

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Jesse Lumsden Signs with Stamps

The once heralded Canadian RB Jesse Lumsden has signed with the Stampeders to the team’s practice roster. No word on how he’ll fit into the grand scheme of things, but hey, if the guy wants to play for minimum money mind as well give him a shot. There’s one thing for certain though, there’s no room in the back field for him with standout Canadian Jon Cornish and all-star Joffrey Reynolds leading a 1-2 punch.

Why would the Stamps bother to sign the fullback? Well, I surmise it’s mostly to do with potential. There’s potential he could make the team better, and at one point (assuming health) he was a highly touted prospect in the CFL. It probably helps that Lumsden lives in Calgary and practice roster money helps supplement his passion to get back on the field.

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Keny-Yon Rambo Returns to Stamps

The Calgary Stampeders have announced the re-signing of Stampeders import wide receiver Kenyon Rambo to a contract extension. One of the biggest reasons why the Stamps didn’t have much of a deep threat was due to the fact their top TWO WRs were lost to injury early in the season. Rambo will return in 2010 in an attempt to regain his league leading 2008 receiving form. His return is a welcome addition to a Stamps offence looking for big play makers.

Joffrey Reynolds Back in the Mix

The only good thing about the Matt Dunigan year was the fact he brought in Joffrey Reynolds. Since day one Reynolds has been the quintessential professional when it comes to on and off field work. Even within a pass happy offence, he has managed to rack up the yards and sits just over 700 yards for the Stampeders lead as all-time rusher. In the past two season he was lead the league in rushing yards, and at 30, has a few solid years ahead of him.

Great to see Joffrey will be back with the Stamps as a integral part of the offence.

Henry Burris Signed for Four More Years

Calgary Stampeders have locked in Henry Burris to a new four-year deal with the team. The 34-year-old pivot led the Stamps to a Grey Cup championship last season and is a two-time Western Division CFL All-Star (2005, 2008). The deal takes him to the ripe age of 38.

The 6’1, 190-pound Burris had 381 completions on 591 attempts for 39 touchdowns in the 2008 campaign en route to being named MVP and his first Grey Cup with the Stamps.

Teyo Johnson Returns to Stamps

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Dave Dickenson Added to Coaching Staff

When Dave Dickenson became a BC Lion because the circus management in Calgary at the time didn`t want to sign him, he did one thing before leaving–he never sold his house. After announcing his retirement from the CFL this past Winter, many speculated he would return to the game in a coaching role.

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