Another Smashing: Calgary 59 – Montreal 11

I said in week 3 that the Montreal Alouettes weren’t good. They were getting lucky on plays and managed to win a few games, but they’re on the opposite trajectory as the Stampeders. For their part, the Stamps are seemingly unstoppable, and when the offence gets moving to match the D, you get blowouts like this one. For the second time this year the game was so out of reach, that nearly two quarters were played by backup QB Andrew Buckley.

The game ball, however, despite the team effort, is squarely in the hands of Terry Williams.

The rookie sits behind the league’s leading rusher, Jerome Messam, and rarely dresses. The team knows his talent, and Friday the fans got a taste too, in a big way. In his first pro start, Williams chewed up 156 yards in a night’s work, AND scored 3 TDs!

Congrats to him; fans should be happy to know whenever the Messam era ends in Cowtown, there’s some serious talent waiting in the wings.

Stamps enter the bye week, and will get some healthy bodies back. They’ll face Hamilton, and at this point, are the class of the league by a wide margin. But will that translate into playoff success?

Uncalled Headshots Still Can’t Stop Stamps

Calgary 27 – BC 13

An elite team like Calgary, missing almost the entire starting receiving corps, are unstoppable, even if you wanna play dirty like the BC Lions. The Lion game plan had little bite, but that didn’t stop them from trying every dirty trick in the book. Micah Awe, incredulously, took out 3 Calgary RBs with direct hits to the head. None called. Awe’s play is celebrated by the Lions clubhouse, which isn’t something you’d expect from a coach Wally Buono football club, but shows you where the team is heading.

You can point some blame to the hellacious hitting on the refs. It’s extremely rare for helmet to helmet hits to be called in the league anymore. I have a conspiracy theory that’s a league mandate, so they don’t admit too much liability for the looming concussion lawsuits. (As an aside, the CFL as a league won’t be able to afford the kind of payments the NFL is paying, the league should be worried.) Nonetheless, even in the CFL where suspensions and player fines are rare, Micah Awe should receive a fine. Someone take him back to highschool to learn fundamentals of hitting because he’s going to end careers headhunting the way he does.

Here’s the post-game summary.

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BOA Part 2 – Calgary 25 – Edmonton 22

OK, this one didn’t start off exciting, but in true CFL fashion it ended with a nail biting finish. It all came down to 3 and 5 on the Edmonton 5. Mitchell, who was struggling all game, found the only sure thing in the receiving corps, Marquay McDaniel, and the rest is history.

Summing up the second instalment of the home-at-home Battle of Alberta as follows:

  • Defence ruled for the first half. Calgary gave up long plays, but managed to keep Edmonton out of the endzone when it counted. That was the difference in the battle of the D.
  • Calgary’s offence has now lost 3 starting receivers. Essentially, the Stamps beat a good team with their second tier receivers. That’s how good the Stamps are. Bo Mitchell was off, probably still hurt, and played his worst game of the season. But he did enough to find McDaniel in the endzone with 30 seconds left to seal the victory. 2 points, that’s all that matters.
  • Chris Milo may have had a chance to tie, but he wasn’t the only kicker having troubles. Rene Peredes missed two converts.
  • Jason Maas is a joke. Losing his cool on the sidelines. That’s not what elite teams do and one of the reasons the Stamps are in a class of their own.

Edmonton slips to 3rd in the West now. Sakatchewan up next. Calgary will have to figure out how they’re going to patch up the beleaguered offence in a week’s time.

BOA Part 1 – Dominant Win by Stamps: Calgary 39 – Edmonton 18

The Battle of Alberta kicked off on a luxurious September afternoon as the two top teams in the West faced-off for the first time this season. Calgary came into the game a top of the division by one point, and left leading by three.

The story of the game, apart from the fantastic atmosphere for fans to enjoy the Labour Day Classic, was the defence–again.

Keeping the Edmonton offence in check all game until late in the 4th demonstrated that the Stampeders have the league’s best, particularly in the secondary.

The offence continues to do damage when it needs to, capitalizing on turnovers (squandering red zone chances) and turning big plays. Anthony Parker with the game ball this afternoon with an awesome run to break open the game in the second quarter.

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Calgary 23 – Toronto 7

Slow to post this post-game, was out golfing on the weekend. It only really needs one paragraph.

Calgary’s D may very well be at the top of the league. They shutout Toronto. An interception return for a score were the only points Toronto managed.

The Offence needs to pick it up to hit the same ceiling the D is playing at right now. But they’re doing more than enough to win.

We’ll see how this team stacks up in the back-to-back Battle of Alberta over the Labour Day Weekend.

Calgary 21 – BC 17

That was messy. Nothing on offence seemed to be working, and the D was its usual formidable self.

Coming off a bye week can be tough, and the Stamps looked like they have rust, and now injuries, to contend moving forward.

Total lack of execution, struggles in the red zone, dropped passes, injuries, penalties, you name it.

But it was two points. That’s what counts, and they’ll have a chance to healup before Toronto visits town next week.

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Calgary 41 – Toronto 24

Apart from a last minute major, this game was 41 – 16, or in other words, another blowout. Two weeks in a row the Stamps have manhandled the opposition. Here are some post-game thoughts.

  • Is Football done in Toronto? It looked like 32 people in the stands. Embarrassing. What’s even more embarrassing? That a professional sports team would have a field like Toronto’s approved. The end-zones are a transition from grass to turf. Stupid.
  • Calgary came out of the gate this season looking shaky. I think we know why. Every team needs a month to start to find their legs and game. The competition field is more level at the start. What we see right now is Calgary going into the bye week starting to locate their dominance. We’ll see how they handle BC and Edmonton.
  • Bo Mitchell is playing hurt, probably a hand. He’s throwing accurately, but one wonders what he looks like throwing at 100%.
  • Jerome Messam is amassing yards, but ball protection is a huge question mark.
  • Alex Singleton is the real deal at middle linebacker. Teams can’t find their run game against him.
  • After being left without a catch against Hamilton, MARQUAY lead receivers with 8 catches and two TDs.
  • Roy Finch fumbled one punt return and it went for an eventual major. He later made up for it with his second punt return for a TD in as many weeks.

Stampeders enter their first bye-week of the season. On the injury front, Brandon Smith was back. Lamar Durant left the game after one catch with a knee injury. Ricky Ray also left with a shoulder injury.

Record Breaking Thumping: Calgary Stampeders 60 – Hamilton Ti-Cats 1

I thought the Montreal Alouettes were the worst team in the league. I was wrong. The Ti-Cats are.

The Stampeders, on an evening where the organization feted the 1992 Grey Cup Championship team, broke records with their thrashing of the Ti-Cats, recording the largest point differential win in franchise history.


That 1 point came off the classic Canadian football rouge.

If there was a game where all three teams produced, tonight was the night. Does it signal a turnaround back towards Stampeder dominance? Yes. But do they need to display that dominance against a better team? Yes.

Here’s the post-game wrap.

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