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Some Suggested by Fans

Here are the highlights that were approve by CFL Board of Governors May 11th:

• Moving back the kickoff following a safety touch, to reduce the number of times a team chooses to take a knee in its own end zone;

• Giving coaches the green light to use so called “wildcat” formations that would move the quarterback around, instead of requiring him to stand behind or under centre;

• Requiring a team that kicks a successful field goal to then kick off to its’ opponents, increasing the number of kick returns;

• Awarding a team a third instant replay challenge if its’ first two challenges are successful.

All four ideas were approved in March by the league’s rules committee, and were among those brought forward by CFL fans this past off-season after Commissioner Mark Cohon asked for their input.

The only rule I’m iffy about is the kick off after field goals. That may take longer than scrimmaging from the 35…

Otherwise, they are certainly exciting and ways to improve our game!

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