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Ticketmaster and Stampeders Ticket Racket?

We’re starting to hear some more groaning over Grey Cup ticket events. Back in November fans and season ticket holders had the chance to reserve their right to purchase Grey Cup tickets when they went on sale at the start of this month. A deposit of $50 / ticket was required. Nobody knew what the prices were going to be but you could expect something comparable to Montreal (although, what fan goes searching for past Grey Cup ticket prices in order to decide what the price ‘may or may not’ be?)

Well a couple months later the prices are released and a Safeway ticket in family zone for 15 bucks last season is now FIFTEEN (15X) times higher for the Grey Cup. On one hand you should expect the price increase and cudos to the management for jacking up prices knowing the place will be full, it’s business.

What’s not cool is how fans placed a deposit through Ticketmaster in November, realised the cheapest ticket was $225 bucks, and decided not to get ticket. These people LOST their deposit–they received no refund and no ticket for their troubles. Between Ticketmaster and the Stamps someone pocketed $50 PER reserved ticket that was not purchased.

Not only have the Stampeders screwed the average out of the Grey Cup game itself, but they’ve added a kick to the cup by taking the deposit money too. Yikes. Not a great way to win back a fan base that is only now starting to pick up steam again.

Anybody else on this bandwagon?

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