Goodbye Sandro – Hello 2010 Season of Missed Field Goals

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Word out of Stamps camp is that Sandrio Deangelis won’t be returning as a Stampeder. I thought he was going to the NFL, but it seems with the latest release from the Stampeders they’re cutting ties completely. This is a bit surprising given the fact kickers in the CFL generally stick with their teams (in the league) for 20 years which means Sandro had a good solid 15 years left :P.

Not only that, Sandro was good, and finding good kickers in a pool of ‘not many’ is hard. Maybe some unknown will emerge since jobs in the NFL are limited, but fact is someone else will be given the duty of winning clutch games this coming season.

Given Sandro’s quality kicking it leads me to believe two things: 1) He’s off to the NFL, 2) he asked for too much money here (over 150K).

More details to follow as they emerge.

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  1. daryl says:

    Seems as though Sandro wanted to be closer to home. Can’t fault him on that, Calgary made a better offer too. We’ll be scrambling for a good kicker this year :(

    “The offer was better than the one Hamilton made. They did try to keep me and I’m very appreciative of that fact,” said DeAngelis.

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