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After their dominant performance against the entire Eastern division, the Stampeders started to test their game against the West with games late in July against Saskatchewan and later vs BC. Their perfect record held against BC on the weekend as the Stamps proved once again they’re the top of the CFL class.

A few teams have been hanging on until the second half, but a complete 60 minute game without killers mistakes (kind of like the Calgary Flames), sets this team apart from the rest. On all sides of the ball the team is finding success, and there’s still obvious room to build.

Of course, the same thing could be said about any team in the league. Calgarians have been spoiled with consistent winning. But part of the attitude with routine winning is simply this: in a 9 team league it doesn’t matter what you’re regular season record is, you have to close out the final 2 or 3 games. The Stamps haven’t been able to do that in the past two years, which is now, fortunately or unfortunately, their main measuring stick.

So as the rest of the league tries to find some level of consistency, the Stampeders are waiting it out until the post-season.

On the O

On the offence, there were some questions about Bo Mitchell’s health following his knee injury against Ottawa. Some thought he’d take some time off for the Montreal game (after all it’s Montreal). That didn’t happen, and Mitchell has been playing full games having never missed a beat.

The injury bug has struck the running backs however, as Romar Morris takes the reigns for two games straight. He doesn’t seem to be the answer, however. Hopefully Williams and Jackson are back healthy soon. The bye week will help with their recovery.

On D

When the O has faltered the defence has stood tall. They are somehow continuously improving year over year. Chalk that up to great player management, great coaching, and great execution. This is the team to beat, and right now they aren’t giving the opposition a chance. Whether it’s through the air or on the ground, you just can’t beat the Stamps D. Only one more test against Winnipeg, but so far no team has been able to put a chink in the armour.

Coming Up

The bye-week as noted, and then games against the Riders and Blue Bombers. More Western divisional games, and hopefully more opportunities for the Stampeders to make improvements. They may be winning, but there are still areas in their game that lack execution. So far that hasn’t harmed them in the win column. One thing is for sure, however, the league is only going to get better, so the Stamps need to get better too.

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