Stampeders Improve to 8-1 – Calgary 39 : Winnipeg 26

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For teams to beat the Stampeders, they have to put in 60 minute games. The Stamps on the other hand, they can get away with sputtering quarters. This weekend’s game saw a Stampeder team asleep at the wheel in the first quarter. Defence, asleep. Offence, asleep. Slow starts in both games since the bye-week. Winnipeg jumped on the opportunities and made hay while they could.

Mid-way through the 2nd quarter the D started to look alive and proceeded to shutdown the Bomber offence for nearly 2.5 quarters. That gave the offence more opportunities to make plays. Despite a missed field goal in the dying seconds of the 1st half, Calgary went into half-time only down 3.

The 2nd half is where the tide turned in a big way.

Mitchell and Jorden break records

How’s this for offensive numbers?

  1. Mitchell throws for over 400 yards for the first time in his career. (I know, hard to imagine it’s taken this long.)
  2. Team offence total yards 516
  3. Kamar Jorden with a career best and a Calgary Stampeder single game receiving record of 249 yards.

When the points mattered the Stamps got them. Although the game broke out late in the 4th, Calgary started to find their groove again continuing their winning ways at home. They improve to 8-1 on the season.

The team still needs to find some answers particularly on the line of scrimmage. The pass rush has struggled, although came up big with 2 QB sacks (none last game vs Sask.) The O-Line is looking for answers too. An additional import OL is the temporary solution to give Mitchell time he needs to throw and Jackson, who returned after missing 3 games, a chance to run. We know that when given any time, Mitchell will succeed.


Notes: DC Devon Claybrooks mossed the game and is in hospital recovering from what appears to be a diabetic related reaction. Get well soon coach!

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