BOA Part 2 – 2018: Edmonton 48 – Calgary 42

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42 points, 7 turnovers, and nearly a last second hail mary completion for the win. The Stampeders lost the second of a home-at-home in the Battle of Alberta Labour Day Classic. They deserved it too. The Stamps have been notoriously slow starters all year, and continue to show signs they’re slipping. For a full month they’ve progressively looked less and less sharp. Even with their ineptitude on field, they still hang in games late, which just shows if they are serious about winning games, especially in the playoff,s they’ll fix repeated mistakes.

Dropped footballs. Interceptions. Special teams gaffs. Fumbles. Fumbles. Dropped footballs. Bo Mitchell may have put up another career game in throwing yards, but 3 interceptions and a loss, all the stats just doesn’t matter.

You get the idea. Stamps shoot themselves in the foot and are right now they’re own worst enemies (and no, the horrid officiating was, as usual, horrible, but not the cause for the loss).

It’s good this team took another loss. They need a wake up call to put in the work and up their game. Right now it’s just stagnant.

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  1. Ro Stamps says:

    Romar Morris back in again at RB. He had a pretty good game on O with over 100 yards offence. Begelton’s game was good as well despite drops and slips. Daniels single handedly put up 7, fumbled for 7, dropped a pass for 7, and then never had a ball thrown his way for the rest of the game.