3 Trips to the Grey Cup Dance and 1 Championship?

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3 reasons why the Stamps won the Western Division Final against the Winnipeg Blue Bombers.

1. Defence.
2. Defence.
3. Eric Rogers with 3 TD catches.


3 trips to the Grey Cup Final in a row.

In the 9 team league it’s not exactly hard to make it to the final game. Teams can have a late push and win one or two games to make it. But to show up in three consecutive years is something to be proud of. Many teams would take the chance to show up in just one Grey Cup Final let alone three.

It’s a testament to the quality of the organization. But something’s missing. Nobody will measure a team based on its capability of reaching a Grey Cup final. Rather it’s all about how many times you can win championships. What’s prevented this team from being tied to the the Montreal Alouettes team that dominated the early 2000s is simply championships. Dynasties aren’t made in the regular season. With a loss Bo Mitchell will simply go down as a great quarterback in regular season performance and not one who was capable of winning in big games.

But this year seems different. The team had late season adversity and aren’t coming in as the clear cut favorites.

The Stampeders will line-up against the Ottawa Renegades who they played two years ago in the Grey Cup Final. Although the teams are very different than two years ago, this is Calgary’s time to demonstrate they can win.

The keys to victory requite simple. They’re going to win a championship if same defence shows up, but this time the offence needs to do their part to play a more consistent game. Special teams needs to be solid with better runs and no missed field goals. Turnovers need to be kept to zero. That’s all obvious stuff, but it’ll all hinge on that offence. I’m convinced the D will be dialled in for 4 quarters. The O? Not sure…..

It’s going to be a close game the one hopes that a pro Alberta crowd will help towards the first championship in three appearances. Anything less will be a disappointment unmatched in CFL history.

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