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Well that concludes the 2019 regular season. Calgary held on to beat the lowly BC Lions 21-16. The game ultimately had playoff implications, just not in the way Calgary would’ve wanted. A win was never really in doubt, although BC took it down to the wire. However, what is in doubt is Calgary’s capacity to play with consistency.

The win against BC, coupled with various permutations between Saskatchewan, Winnipeg, and the crappy Eskimos, secured second place and a home playoff date against Winnipeg next week.

The 2019 season had an unusually high level of adversity. The very fact the team was able to compete for 1st in the West is nothing short of a miracle. When you count up the Man games lost to injury and the talent that left for the NFL, you wonder how this team even competed.

The likes of: Singleton, J’Gared Davis, Micah Johnson, Ciante Evans, Turner, and Vaughters all on D; and Jorden, Brescacin, Erdos, Durant, Michel, and Bo injured for 7 games…and they still finished with only 1 fewer win than last year—nothing short of amazing.

But now it’s make-or-break time. Three wins away from the Grey Cup. Wouldn’t it be a sweet thing to win in Calgary since this year’s celebration is here? But the Stampeders will have to do some work to come back home.

All season they’ve struggled to string together a solid 60-minute effort on all sides of the football. One of the problems remains special teams. Making big plays, stopping big plays, and putting up consistent points. There are vets in the mix here to right the ship, and if there’s a time of year where special teams needs to make an impact statement it would be in the playoffs.

On offence the struggles surround the running game. Nonetheless, we do boast the league’s best quarterback, and that means every night there’s a chance to win.

On defence the secondary should be able to hold fort but it’s that front four suffering for more injuries. Their ability to stop the run game will be paramount. If the Stamps can string together a solid consistent outing, make some plays, and limit mistakes, then now is the time. This teams, like the whole season, stands a chance to beat adversity and run the table. It won’t be easy. But ultimately every game in playoff time comes down to who has the best quarterback, and who’s going to make the most plays.

We have the best QB, but on any given night those plays are a toss-up.

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