Stamps Suffer First Loss of 2018 Season – Rider Fans Plan Parade Route

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Roughriders 40 – Stampeders 27

Even the elite teams suffer defeat once in a while. Although it’s usually in the Grey Cup Final, the Stampeders seemed to be behind from the eight ball visiting Saskatchewan. The only thing the team won was the opening toss, which they erroneously chose to defer to the Riders. From there, it was clear the team didn’t show up to play.

A defence that has led the league in pretty much every category looked below average. The ratio juggling to give the O-line a better look may have contributed. Not that it helped. THe O line was decimated all night with Mitchell struggling to find time to throw. Injuries also hampered the O-line. A lack of a gameplan around Jorden and Daniels was another problem.

It’s important to have games like this. Gives a team to taste defeat and learn some hard lessons. Nothing seemed to be working, and at the mid-way point fo the season, where other teams are starting to find their groove, the Stamps can regroup and find their next gear into the second half.

Notes: Game balls to Thurman (LB) on D. He came to play, the rest of the D did not.

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  1. daryl says:

    Would be nice to still have Hughes on the team. Can’t win them all I guess.