CFL League Office Need to Address Headshots and QBs

The CFL has a lot of great work to expand the league and increase exposure both in Canada and the United States. Two things will kill the league and if you have not addressed it will be a detriment to the CFL. First off, in a quarterback driven game, ensuring teams are developing quality quarterbacks should be the number one priority. Without a quality quarterbacks fans will stop watching and going to games, and teams will lose badly. Adding a 4th spot on the team roster for a QB will address this concern. Currently, teams only carry three quarterbacks with their additional roster space. Having an additional spot exclusively for quarterbacks is an option to explore especially with all the quarterbacks going down in the very first week of the season.

The second issues head shots. Blows to the head are quickly becoming a concern in every sport. Because leagues are slow to respond with rule changes that protect players, lawsuit wind up being the only way to address the issue. If the CFL doesn’t address headshot that happen every single game, knocking out players every single game, we will face legal troubles that they may not be able to pull out of. With billion-dollar lawsuits south of the border in the NFL, it’s only matter of time before the CFL faces the same.

The league needs to have incremental fines on players and even suspensions to reduce the number of head shots on the field. Players are getting knocked out of the game too often and the on-field referees are not throwing the flag.

These are two pressing issues for the league to address this year and that will only make the CFL stronger in years to come. Just really slow to respond, and I can cost them in the long run.

What are your thoughts on head shots and QB spots?

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Redblacks Expansion Draft Picks Stampeder Talent

Monday was the official RedBlacks expansion draft that saw the new franchise out of Ottawa pick 3 players from every team. Calgary, given their depth, was slated to lose some key players. Unfortunately, you can’t protect everyone, albeit the team was slated to only lose one import player. The question was whether Ottawa would be looking for a kicker (they eventually didn’t pick one) or one of Calgary’s QB’s.

If you want to come out of the gate early in this league then you can’t do what Winnipeg did, you need a bonafide starting QB. They found that in Kevin Glenn, who never really was settled as the undisputed #1 QB in Calgary during his time, despite playing the majority of games (and winning).

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Nik Lewis Pages CFL’s Tom Higgins

Check out Al Cameron’s piece of Lewis post-game thoughts on the Montreal defence reposted here for maximum exposure.

“I don’t know about the legality of the defence they’re running,” he began. “When you send a defensive end out just to hit me and push me in the back and push me in the side, and the referee tells me that they’re not calling it because the ball’s not coming my way — I mean, how can I get the ball when I’m being pushed by a defensive end? Is that legal? Can we put somebody on the field just to take out a player? Can we put one of our players in front of S.J. (Green) and Jamel Richardson and his whole job is to hold him and hit him? Is that legal, is that fair? If you want to double-team me with two DBs, that’s fine. You do anything you want to do. But if you have a guy specifically to go out there and just hit me, that’s not legal. I hope that Tom (Higgins) watches the film and I hope I can talk to him. I’m not mad; I just want to get a clear understanding of the rules. I mean, if that’s OK, then I’ll learn to deal with it. It just gives me another challenge.”

Monreal Alouettes Hand Lowly Riders Another Beating: 21-18

For a CFL Grey Cup this one was pretty boring. Lacking pozzaz, offence, a decent halftime show that people under 50 could appreciate. Thankfully the better team won, but it was still close. Close that is until Darian Durant gave it all away.

Anytime Rider fans want to chant ‘Henry, Henry, Henry’, just remember that it was YOUR quarterback that threw an interception like a chump to dash any hopes of a Grey Cup. Better luck next year. Not.

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Game Fixing? Lopsided Officiating in CFL West Final Raises Eyebrows

Some of the worst officiating in recent memory in a playoff game was experienced in the West division final between Calgary and Saskatchewan. Incredibly, time after time head scratching calls were made against the home team in favour of the more popular visiting squad.

Alas, you have to wonder what went on in this game to make it pan out the way it did. Two things are clear. The poor officiating will be reviewed, probably internally, and it DID change the complexion of the game in a big way (Bryant’s taunting call? WOW….) But it was the overall play for 60 minutes by the Stamps that lost the game in the end.

3 Things to expand upon when dissecting the abhorrent anomalies in tonight’s officiating.

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Stop the Milt Stegall Lunacy

Milt Stegall was a great receiver, but he’s a horrible TV analyst. This post is a running collection of lame, hilarious, embarrassing, and stupid quotes and thoughts the dude makes on TV.

I’m not sure why he keeps getting the invite back, cause he’s making TSN look bad. Some of his insights are astute, but frankly, someone’s slipped him a $20 to bash the Calgary Stampeders. Take for example his comments in Week 2.

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CFL QBs to Have Headsets

Around in the NFL for quite some time now, the CFL has now implemented technology that will allow QBs to hear play calls in their helmets (assuming they aren’t hit so hard the technology goes bonkers….)

The CFL made the announcement today: How it works is pretty interesting. It’s one way communicae, and it shuts off with 10 seconds left on the play clock. Many plays don’t get off in that time period so prepare for QBs to still rely on hand signals.

CFL Wants Your Input on Overtime Rule Changes

The cool thing about the CFL that you do’nt find in any other professional league is the input fans get to impact rules. The CFL last year asked fans to offer suggestions on various aspects like kick off returns, safeties, and more. This year they are going to do the same and request fans give their thoughts on the overtime format. Here are some questions to start the discussion:

1. Is the series-of-downs format superior to the old system of extra overtime periods or halves?
2. Should teams scrimmage from somewhere other than the 35 yard line?
3. Should teams be required to drive for a touchdown instead of settling for a field goal, or should teams be required to attempt a two-point convert following a touchdown?
4. Does the overtime format really need changes, or is it already as good as it can be?

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